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DILAGO has started a donation pool!
350 / 1,000
help me with anything you think i deserve! it helps a lot <3
thanks bye

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hey guys

so as some of you asked me to do, i prepared some screen caps for you to check out :D
hope this makes you more convinced about my work quality and the outcome that you will receive in the final product! 

click this link for the album with the screen caps ->

- The first image is the final build result (of course the lines are just in the program.. you can decide to keep them to build easier(but they will be dotted lines) or to not have them in the final build at all)

- The second one is where all the open edges in the model are - the left side- (the thick blue lines are split apart for clarity) and all the final printable pieces on the right side (in this model and at the size i decided on.. it takes 7 pages to print the whole thing) )
PS: the pages look messy and have huge pieces.. i was too lazy to cut and arrange the whole thing just for an example.. but your model will be clear, clean and easy to read because it much simpler than my character. 

- The last image is a capture i did to demonstrate how once you get your pages done.. i'll send you a link to a program that lets you click on a piece (red highlighted square around it) and be able to see where it is in the model... so you can build it like pros ;)

i hope this helps give a better idea of my work
if anything is unclear, tell me and i'll explain more!

Hello everyone!
i know this might look long, but i'd appreciate it if you go through the full thing C:

it indeed has been a looong time since i last posted here, not that i don't wana post.. just things kept going in the way,
life being the bitch she likes to be, family stuff, college summer courses, finals, then the physical and sometimes emotional breakdown that follows all that college shit... it almost left me uninspired to do art. but then when i wanted to rearrange my life, clean my laptop and more all data (i moved to a new one), and get started again... things didn't go as planned, and i just found it easier to play games than do what i used to like.

but fear not, i will try all my best to get going from now on, it will be a hard month but i must fix everything before college starts back again. and hopefully if i could, get the art going again. 

sorry if i missed any birthday, reply, note, event or anything you need from me.
if i forgot about anything i was supposed to do i'm really sorry, remind me and i will do it asap.

So to keep it short, i need to get it all together, then i'll be back.

needless to say it wasn't a wasted time at all, i learned 3D animation, modelling, UV mapping and rigging. 

which brings me to my next subject, i wana start experimental commissions for Fakemon paper craft toys. 
if you never saw paper crafts or toys... here's an example of a pokemon paper toy…
what i can do might be simple compared to this, but i'm sure i can do stuff like this if i get used to it.
i will basically build a 3D model of your fakemon, color it, then cut it and arrange it on sheets, then save em as a PDF or something, then send em to you, then you print the sheets of paper, cut the pieces, and build your fakemon, and since you can print it as much as you like, you're free to make mistakes and stuff, it's part of the fun to build it imo. 
and i'll start with simple designs for the first patch, and if i suck you get a refund.. maybe :P

i'm thinking about 20-25$... what do you guys think, should it cost more? 

anyways, i'm always checking my account, so don't' be shy to ask me anything.
hope you all are having a better day.
my friend sorbetskies is holding this great mega sale with his cute designs! 

<da:thumb id="472618160"/>

go get some cool designs and help him reach his goal to buy premium! 


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hollmon Featured By Owner Oct 27, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Are you ever going to make fakemon again? I love your designs :D
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hahaha IKR? blue bombers ftw!♥♥  

too bad we're not getting a new one soon T^T
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Want to join the da family you want to be the brother ( ask-prince-wind ) da family
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but we're getting Mighty no-9!
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not megaman, but i'm so excited for it, it's from the megaman father anyway!!!
stupid capcom wasting a chance to sponsor a mighty game! 
ReallyDarkandWindie Featured By Owner Jul 13, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
DILAGO Featured By Owner Aug 5, 2014  Student Digital Artist
hey, sup? 

omg this is the most late reply in the universe!!
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Lovely gallery you have!
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